Lyrical Grain, Doggerel Chaff & Pedestrian Preoccupations

by David Roskos

Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books

Some of these poems first appeared in the following publications: Anti-Lawn, Ash, Long Shot, DIONYSOS, The Journal of Literature & Addiction, Bouillabaisse, Down Town, Half Dozen of the Other, Windo Panes, Flipside, The National Alliance, Lame Duck, Lost & Found Times, HEATHENzine, Quimby, Drive-by Books, Nerve Bundle Review, Jack & Jill (Off), The Energy of the Flesh.–Thanks Editors.

Matt Borkowski’s Father in the Hallow Moon used here as an epigraph, reprinted from Ball Peen No. 1.

Copyrite 1996 by Iniquity Press. ISBN 16877968-09-9. Cover by Lorin Hughes


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