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began writing poetry in 1979; co-founded the Proletkult Poetry Circus with Chris Aubry, in 1987 at The Court Tavern; Founded Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books and Big Hammer Magazine in 1988. Has been published around a hundred times; was a regular contributor to Dionysos, The Journal of Literature & Addiction (Addiction Studies Dept., U of Seattle); has two poems in the Meat section of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry; work forthcoming in several more anthologies. Played alto saxophone/screamed, was a core-member of New Brunswick based Noise bands: Black Motorist, The Lotusates, The Dustbunnies, STAR69 (aka F-hole). Was a fringe member of Philadelphia-based DRAGONBALL. Played War Pigs with Alice Donut once. He has a son named Ayler and worked as a furniture mover, and is trying to age gracefully and Focus On Sanity while selling vinyls and vintage porn mags on flea-markets.

  1. timothy 11.14.10 / 1pm

    David Roskos Is the Voice of an disrespected Many. His sax playing still has left me partially deaf in my right ear, and his open word poetry has left permanent tinitis in my right, but his words have left the biggest scars on my heart and memory… David Roskos is a true Wordsmith an every sence of the word…and a Good Man, and Father to Boot!
    Timothy L.

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